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Automation & Robotics

Robotic process automation, cognitive science, and digitization tools such as OCR can be a deadly combination to provide operations efficiency, enhance user experience, and reduce operations cost.

Our RPA Practice Highlights:

  • Reusable component Library for RPA, OCR, and cognitive services
  • RPA Consulting through standardized process
  • Best practices for tool evaluation, recommendation, RPA delivery
  • Skills in RPA tools, OCR, Conversational systems, and AI

Benefits of RPA

RPA Benefits

Processes for Automation

  • Invoices
  • Claims
  • Sales orders
  • Remittances
  • New accounts
  • Medical Records
  • Student records
  • Contracts
  • Expense reporting

Potential Areas of Automation


Virtual Workforce

Automate repetitive tasks with user-friendly interface

Easily scale from individual to teams

Go beyond RPA to crosss-functional workflows and native integration


Application ROI

Streamline operations and centralize control over multiple applications and platforms

Quickly extend out-of-the-box integrations to new applications

Meet simple or complex job scheduling needs


Cloud DevOps & Self Healing

Ensure systems are operating as expected and identify areas for operational improvement

Enable and execute on a DevOps strategy

Meet and exceed internal and external SLAs while simplifying compliance requirements

Sample of our Work

Case Study – Intelligent expense approval RPA for a Big 4 Consulting Firm:

The automation scripts leverage OCR tools, RPA, and custom built AI engine to approve expense statements through automation and machine learning. The OCR scan the expense bill images/PDF files to build digital data, and use the same to validate, and approve. RPA serves as a wrapper and workflow tool to do a series of business operations. Bringing in cognitive capability to RPA will improve the percentage of automation. The cognitive capability of the BOT include decision making, knowledge work, Machine learning, Natural language processing (NLP), and Chabot (machine conversation system Tools: Omni Page, RPA Tool: UI Path, Cognitive: Python Scripting